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Why we should invest in the mid century arm chair?

Are you like to decorate you room?If you like, maybe you can invest in mid century arm chair. When looking to settle down, a common question arises: what do I want my mid century arm chair to look like? How you furnish your home is important.

Instead of a cookie-cutter furnishing option –collecting furniture from around friends and family, generic chain stores, or Ikea, most people would prefer their furniture to be an expression of their personality and style.

How about the mid century arm chair?

What has the mid century arm chair as a concept been associated with? As far back as the ancient Egyptians, the chair has been a symbol for authority and power. It was the seat that the Pharaoh sat on, the Chinese Emperor, and the English Royalty.

We mean that to us, the chair means a lot more than just something we passively sit on. We’ve talked before about how couches have a rich history. Chairs likewise have been a symbol for power, authority and social class.

Actually, the mid century arm chair is known for the exact opposite –its simplicity, its clean lines, and the raw wood that exists to make a point. The mid Century arm chair turns the chair as concept on its head. We do this by not only paying great attention to the make, build, and material of our furniture, but also by making our furniture affordable to the modern urban dweller.

Why we should invest in the mid century arm chair?

Not only did buying custom, handmade furniture mean savinga lot of money in the long run, it also ensured that the furniture would be unique. Custom made furniture stays relevant long after it is purchased, because it is a piece of art.

They didn’t buy the cheap sofa at their local department store. They invested in furniture that would not only last for their lifetime, but for their children’s, as well. These people, our parents and grandparents, realized the value of investing in furniture that would last.

Gingko Home Furnishing’s mission is to bring quality to and comfort to the modern home. Gingko understands that selecting home furnishings is an important expression of personal style and taste that must be balanced with many practical concerns–space constraints, time and budget.


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