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What is network appliance?How about the SCB-6990C?

Do you hear about network appliance?AEWIN’s network appliances are designed to replace legacy fixed-function network devices. With flexible hardware architecture design, performance pre-optimized, and quick customization service provided, they are capable of running a full suite of software and virtualized functions efficiently, including New Generation Firewall (NGFW), Deep Pack Inspection (DPI), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and more.

Why you should to use network appliance?

Keeping organizations’ data safe in the turbulent sea of the wider internet is the highest priority. Many organizations have only just begun to allow data stored and processed outside of their own directly controlled hardware. Enabling more functions powered by the power of cloud is the next logical step.

And network appliance SASE is an interesting model. However, due to it’s nature, it requires a large overhaul of an organization’s infrastructure. The biggest hurdle is that SASE compatible portfolio is incomplete and may take years to mature.

How about the network appliance SCB-1925?

The network appliance SCB-1925 supports eight channels DDR4 register ECC DIMM (up to 2667MHz) and maximum memory capacity is up to 512GB. With 32PCI Express lanes, the SCB-1925A can support up to 4 NIC modules, support multiple Ethernet module bays for flexible port configuration; such as 1/10/40 Gigabit fiber, Gigabit copper with BYPASS function or not.

Supporting single AMD® EPYC 7000 (Naples) Series Processor.Based on of AMD’s new “Zen” CPU core delivers breakthrough computing performance. CPU cores up to 32 cores, supports 64MB cache and total with 128 PCIe lanes.

AEWIN works with Intel and AMD to make the latest technology available to our clients. Our continued research into new market trends allows us to suggest the best solution for maximizing value in computing performance.


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