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Is mobile surevillance system VBOX-3611 POEX good?

Are you know what is mobile surevillance system?Actually, the VBOX-3611 POEX is it. The VBOX-3611-POEX is powered by Intel Gen 6 Core i7-6600U with 4x POE ports In-Vehicle Computer, wireless support LTE, 3.5G w/ Dual SIM cards.

How about the VBOX-3611-POEX?

The mobile surevillance system VBOX-3611-POEX is designed for fleet management, mobile DVR, driver behavior record and in-vehicle digital signage. This technology enables us to offer a new in-vehicle component which can be applied as part of biometric systems and passenger information collection for user authentication purposes.

Sintrones’s VBOX-3611 Series for vehicle computing solutions!

Besides, SINTRONES, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of In-Vehicle products and solutions, announced the new VBOX-3611, VBOX-3611-POE and VBOX-3611-V4. It is the perfect solution to upgrade existing systems for enhancement.

The new mobile surevillance system VBOX-3611, VBOX-3611-POE and VBOX-3611-V4 are equipped with wireless support WiFi, GPS with Dead Reckoning, LTE/GSM/GPRS, and Bluetooth (Optional).

Support 9V – 36V DC Power Input. They can be operated in extreme weather conditions (Operating temperature: -40 ~ 70℃) suitable for railway station management and (LPR) License plate identification.

With the Smarter Vehicle Power Ignition for variety vehicles, the new
mobile surevillance system VBOX-3611, VBOX-3611-POE and VBOX-3611-V4 were designed mainly for fleet management for variety vehicles, mobile DVR, driver behavior record and In-Vehicle digital signage. The easy-to-use, intuitive interface makes it highly suitable for use in public transportation and other applications which require both high capacity and simplicity.

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