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Is in car computer VBOX-3611-IP65 good?How about it wide-temperature fanless computer?

Are you hear about in car computer?They are highly flexible, supporting a wide range of peripherals and connections and can be adapted to all kinds of vehicle management systems like those with GPS, fleet monitoring, and vehicle repairing systems.

Is in car computer good to use?

Then, the in car computer ‘s intuitive interface makes SINTRONES In-Vehicle computers highly suitable for use in autonomous cars, public transportation and other applications which require the use of a high capacity system while at the same time maintaining simplicity in its function.

In addition, they manage the vehicles’ internal capabilities to accurately assess and track its internal hardware and software states, forward-thinking usage, and all fleet movements.

How about the in car computer VBOX-3611-IP65?

The in car computer VBOX-3611-IP65 is powered by Intel Gen6 Core i7-6600U CPU In-Vehicle Computer. With CE, FCC Class A and E-13 certifications, the VBOX-3611-IP65 is designed and manufactured to withstand dust, moisture, and temperature changes.

In car computer VBOX-3611-IP65 with Intel Gen6 Core i7-6600U CPU and HD 520 GPU, the waterproof, dustproof, snowproof VBOX-3611-IP65 can effectively support vehicles in bad weather and extreme working conditions, such as snowplow, complex excavator and stacker operations.

The strong environmental tolerance continually maintains a wide range of operating temperature (-40 ~ 70 ºC). With in car computer VBOX-3611-IP65, all related vehicles can be powered and easily connected for remote and real-time management.

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